third year english

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  1. الاقتصادية

    الاقتصادية عضو جديد

    السلام عليكم
    أريد المساعدة كيف يجب أن تكون مذكرة التخرج.وكيف يتم عرضها
  2. شهلاء

    شهلاء عضو نشيط

    I don't know exactly because i'm dealing with the classical system, But i know a bit about the LMD ,
    first of all u 've got to choose a theme either in literature , civilization , didactics or in linguistics
    Then , u've got to choose a promoter in order to help u in correcting ur mistakes, especially the spelling ones.moreover to guide u, either it's good or bad ....anyway , i wish u all the best

    BUT , what are waiting for , time is running out!!!!!!!
  3. زيان زيان

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