do you want to speak correct english?

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  1. شهرة

    شهرة عضو جديد

    I would like to help in getting rid of some common mistakes made very frequently either by some teachers or pupils :

    1) - My jeans is blue (false)
    - My jeans are blue (correct)
    2) - There is a nice film in the TV (false)
    - There is a nice film on TV (correct)
    3) - Would you mind to lend me some money (false)
    - Would you mind lending me some money (correct)
    4) - Ten and ten are twenty (false)
    - Ten and ten is twenty (correct)
    5) - My father gave me some advices (false)
    - My father gave me some advice (correct)
    6) - There are good news for you (false)
    - There is good news for you (correct
  2. أنين الحزن

    أنين الحزن عضو وفيّ

    very interesting topic thank you dear
  3. شهرة

    شهرة عضو جديد

    شكرا لمرورك نورتي صفحتي
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